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    Common electric control system for mine hoist hoist (machine)

    Common electric control system for mine hoist hoist (machine)

    产品概述 一、技术技能1、根据提升工艺控制要求及信号系统发出的信号指示,控制贝博的启动、运行、减速、停车等过程,运行平稳可靠。2、满足贝博控制工艺要求及各种安全连锁保护要求。3、实现贝博的行程监视,具有完善的深度、速度显示机控制功能。4、实现贝博主回路控制器件真空化、无触点化的要求,硬件配置简单,软件编程灵活,调试方便且维护量小。系统动态性能好,具有良好的性能。5、提高了矿井贝博运行的安
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    Product purposes

    Technical skills

    1. According to the improvement process control requirements and signal instructions issued by the signal system, control the start-up, operation, deceleration, stop and

    other processes of the hoist, running smoothly and reliably.

    2. Meet the requirements of control process of elevator and various safety chain protection requirements.

    3. Realize the travel monitoring of the hoist, with perfect depth and speed display control function.

    4. Realize the requirement of vacuum and non-contact of the control device of the main loop control device, the hardware configuration is simple, the software

    programming is flexible, the debugging is convenient and the maintenance quantity is small. The system has good dynamic performance and good performance.

    5.Improve the mine chance the safety reliability and control technology, to reduce equipment failure rate, improve the production efficiency, reduce the labor intensity of

    operators play an important role.


    Safety protection and chain function

    The safety loop locks up the operation condition of the hoist only when the external equipment runs normally and has the driving condition. The safety loop locks the whole

    fault protection signal of the hoist. Once the failure occurs, the hoist is immediately put on the emergency brake.


    Comprehensive backup protection function

    1, using proximity switch on the operation of the hoist speed machine position of digital detection and control, improve the system control precision and reliability, and

    speed generator is used to detect the speed, has the hardware protection.

    2. The double loop of the safety circuit, the system has at least the software security loop, the hardware security loop. Implement lifting machine multiple protection.

    3. Automatic transmission of position signals, such as deceleration, parking, overwinding signal, etc., important points such as deceleration, overvolume and so on, at

    least two or more roads together.

    4. Have the protection of the depth indicator failure protection, operation direction error protection, loose rope protection, lock protection, speed limit protection, and up

    and down protection


    Common electric control system for mine hoist hoist (machine)

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