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    PLC (high voltage) electric control equipment for mine hoist

    产品概述   本产品适用于电源电压6kv~10kv,电机功率200~5000kw交流电机的调速控制。八级启动电阻,可控硅动力制动,与机械配合的二级液压制动来实现贝博的加速、等速、停车的全部控制过程。 控制特点:    实现贝博手动、检修、低速爬行等运行方式的控制要示;    实现对调速系统按行程给定的速度控制;    完善的保护功能,如过卷、减速装置、等速过速、2米定点等设有双重保护;
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    Product purposes

    This product is applicable to power supply voltage 6kv~10kv, motor power 200~5000kw ac motor speed control. The eight-stage starting resistor, thyristor dynamic

    braking, and the secondary hydraulic braking with mechanical coordination are used to realize the acceleration, uniform speed, and all control of the parking.


    Control features:

    The control of operation mode of lifting movement, overhaul and low speed crawling is shown.

    The speed control system is controlled according to the speed of the stroke.

    Perfect protection function, such as overwinding, deceleration device, constant speed, 2 m fixed point, etc.

    Protection function: the parking of the brake and the secondary brake are stopped immediately.


    PLC (high voltage) electric control equipment for mine hoist

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