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    JZX overhaul platform hoist

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    JZX overhaul platform hoist


    Product purposes

    (1) this series of winch is a single cylinder JZXP-10/700 winch, which is mainly used for the maintenance of power plant and the use of the personnel and materials.

    (2) this winch system is designed according to the working system of shaft tunneling equipment, and the electric motor is the S3 benchmark work system, which is not

    suitable for the long running of the crane.

    (3) this winch is non-explosion-proof and is strictly prohibited to be used in the explosion-proof environment.

    (4) apply to environment temperature is 25 ℃ and 40 ℃.


    Technical parameters

    Note: the volume of rope can also be manufactured according to the user's requirements.

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